Thank you for choosing Association for Indias Development (AID) to make a positive difference. AID is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, our federal tax-ID is 04-3652609.All donations are tax-deductible.

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General Unrestricted Fund   AID Corpus Fund  
Supports all of AID's work.   The interest of the fund will be used to support core activities of AID while the principal accrues. This fund that builds slowly, provides longterm stability to the organization.  
Appropriate Rural Technology Fund   Agriculture Fund  
The objective of this fund is to support projects in appropriate rural technology and alternate energy that make a positive difference in the life and lifestyle of the poor in India.   The objective of this fund is to support projects that address the large scale agrarian crisis across India, through sustainable low-input organic farming initiatives, reclamation of degraded lands, struggle for land-rights and campaigns against government policies that increase farmer distress and deepen the existing crisis.  
Eureka Child Fund   Health Fund  
Eureka Child works in the poorest villages of Tamilnadu to ensure quality education and health for children from marginalized families. Founded in 1996 by a team of IIT and BITS alumni, Eureka Child Foundation empowers local communities through projects in the fields of education, health, and livelihood.   The objective of this fund is to support projects on affordable and accessible, comprehensive, community-based, primary health-care like training village health workers in remote and rural areas, building capacity of government health workers, establishing community-based monitoring of public health systems, campaigns for health rights and universal health-care and direct interventions in nutrition, child and maternal health, malaria, mental health, leprosy, TB, HIV and eye-care.  
Jeevansathi Fund   Development Coordinator Fund
Jeevansathis are highly motivated individuals who volunteered for AID in the U.S., and were inspired to give up their professional careers so that they can focus their full energies guiding the work of AID and partner organizations. They spend considerable time in villages initiating projects and collaborations, and strengthening human rights campaigns.   A dedicated fund for the development coordinator compensation support.  
All India Relief Fund   Peace and Communal Harmony Fund  
Provides for relief, rehabilitation and mitigation of impact, during and after natural and man-made disasters such as floods, earthquakes, cyclones, drought, riots, industrial accidents, and gross negligence that results in large-scale displacement without rehabilitation and suffering of people.   The objective of this fund is to support organizing awareness events and activities not only at chapter level but also across chapters by collaborating with partners in USA and India. The funds may also be used for supporting projects in India that promote peace and communal harmony.  
Anti Corruption Fund   Tamilnadu Relief & Rehabilitation Fund  
Helps fight corruption. For example, this fund facilitates proper implementation of India's Right to Information Act, that increases transparency in governance and exposes corruption in government-run Rural Employment Guarantee programs.   Provides support for short-term relief and long-term rehabilitation efforts for the 2015 severe floods in chennai and surrounding districts  
Solar Pump Project Fund      
The objective of this fund is to support "Agariyas" (Salt farmers) in Little Rann of Kutch to replace highly polluting inefficient diesel pumps with ecofriendly Solar energy pumps to bring down the cost of salt production in a sustainable manner. The use of solar pumps will help a salt farmer save an average of $1200/yr for 10-12 years.      

Association for India’s Development Inc (AID Inc) is a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation and our federal tax-ID is 04-3652609. To obtain copy of the current financial statement, please write to AID, 5011 Tecumseh Street, College Park, MD 20740. Documents and information pertaining to AID can be obtained from secretary of State for the cost of copies and postage.